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About Us

The History

Avalanche was founded in 2014 as a very small social media service company. Our founder, whilst studying a legal degree, was working as a business development manager for an ActionCOACH franchisee. Whilst working in the position a very successful marketing strategy was developed.


Other coaches wanted to replicate the success and within a year Avalanche had its first 6 clients. Fast forward 4 years from our first client signing, Avalanche now has over 70 clients, in 8 countries, in 4 languages and continues to be at the forefront of online marketing and a cited expert in the industries of coaching and consultancy.


Avalanche’s vision is to create an agency that is honest, return on investment driven and helps clients remain entrepreneurially focused in their businesses.

What We Do

Our Marketing Mindset

Avalanche’s definition of marketing is: “Every single touch you have with anyone to do with your business, ever.” This definition moves the focus onto two things; reputation is everything and marketing is compounding in its nature. Many businesses are sporadic in their approach to marketing which makes testing and measuring very difficult. Avalanche’s clients are taught and guided to unify their marketing across the board and install a long-term focus on each platform so they can be tested and measured properly.


On campaigns, Avalanche believes the more of your target market you speak too, the more successful you will be. By continuously touching your target market in a value-focused manner, relationships can be forged over time that leads to much stronger retention rates for our clients. We believe that running strategies that continually provide our clients with opportunities to hold a conversation with prospects, will allow them to become better, stronger sales teams and consistently full pipeline.

Lead Generation

Consistent, targeted lead generation campaigns that will consistently fuel your sales pipeline. Avalanche has an outstanding track record of successful lead generation campaigns across the world.


Automation & CRM

Avalanche’s automation services are proven to: Increase Lead Generation, Increase Conversion rate, Increase Average Number Of Transactions, Increase Average Sale Value & Increase Margins. A 10% increase in these 5 key areas will lead to a 61% overall increase in profit.


Website Development & Management

Can you have both beauty and brains? At Avalanche we believe combining beauty with the brains behind conversion and your brands image, will create an extremely successful web operation.


100% results guaranteed campaigns, wherever you are in the world.

Our team has experience working in 8 countries, 45 different industries and 3 different languages. This list is growing every single month as we take our work global. 

Swansea University entrepreneur amongst four UK students to compete in global entrepreneurship awards with Avalanche Enterprise