Would you like to become a leader in your local business community?

Business Spotlight is the strongest and most reliable way to generate coaching leads available, all we need you to do is… be YOU!

Do any of these sound familiar?

#1 I am not talking to enough potential clients

#2 I am struggling to sign new clients

#3 My content marketing is not consistent

#4 Other outsourced marketing services continue to be disappointing

#5 My marketing success isn’t consistent enough for me to plan growth

Avalanche will solve all of those with 1 single strategy

Content, organic exposure and lead generation are all key elements to the Business Owner Spotlight Campaign. Alongside this:

All videos are edited by Avalanche with ActionCOACH intro’s confirmed by Global HQ, creating piece of mind. 

60% of interviews will end up with ‘further action’, turning the majority into actionable leads. 

Global DIAG rate of 32%. For every 10 interviews sat, 3 DIAGS are expected as a target. 

Permanent Content

Content that will last forever. This valuable asset will make sure you show up for key words and people see your content long term.

Organic Exposure

Due to the prospects nearly always sharing their interview to their own networks, your organic exposure will grow dramatically.

Lead Generation

Nearly 60% of interviews sat will turn into leads! Yes, you read that right, 60%! CODS & DIAGs are both great routes when it comes to next steps.


Meet wonderful people from your local community. Build connections, relationships, partnerships and stacks of opportunity to turn yourself into a local brand.

Raise Your Hand marketing is the method of creating 5-6x the conversations you are used too from traditional marketing strategies. Watch the video for some more insight on predictability, consistency and sustainability of marketing!

Your Training

During training you will have one to one calls, do test interviews, receive documents to work through and be expected to complete our video training course on the campaign and the mindset. By the time your first interviews arrive 3 or so weeks in, you are geared up for success, quickly.

PERFORMANCE Investment Only

£100Per Booking & Edit
  • Full implementation & training around BOS
  • All tools required to deliver BOS end to end
  • Avalanche Delivered 10 Scheduled Calls Per Month
  • 10 full length interview edits per month
  • 10 smaller snippet videos per month
  • Monthly BOS newsletters
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Access to monthly BOS calls & coach resources
  • Access to scripts & management on other strategies for BOS
  • Cost of roughly $100 Per Interview & Edit (For fixed package)