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Business To Consumer

We will help you capture thousands of new customers and make sure they keep coming back.





Avalanche specifically works with companies who want to achieve growth yet also have a large repeat business/long term lifetime value opportunity within their businesses model.

Capturing & Managing Data – The Foundations

Business success and value in 2019 is a direct reflection of how well you capture data and how you then manage that data.


One of the first aspects of our business to consumer work is to analyse your current customer base and make sure they are all in the same place. This helps us segment for more targeted marketing and begin to calculate key numbers such as the average sale value or the lifetime value of your customer.


We will help you build or optimise your CRM system, develop automation to better your customer’s experience and help you understand the most relevant calls to actions your brand can use.


Reaching As Many Targeted Prospects As Possible

Avalanche will take over the relevant social media platforms and, armed with your new call to action system and data capture points, will reach out to as many of your prospect market as possible.

We specialise in the two following data capture sources:

  1. Giveaways – Creating a low-cost giveaway that is attached to a stream of value-orientated marketing communication.
  2. Value add & Competitions – Creating extremeley valuable value add calls to action, we will provide ideas of partnerships and how you can create the best value add on the market.
  3. Brand Awareness – General brand awareness advertising to drive up following


We have an extremely strong track record in the above work and can provide many case studies showcasing high re-book or sale rates if needed.


Continuous Engagement Turning You Into The Expert

Managing your clients and prospects from a touch perspective is vital to staying relevant. Our campaigns are built to take the stress off of you and cater for those vital touches to your prospects and clients from as short as a week to automating for a whole year.


The campaigns can be made to specifically manage data from your online store, your purchased database, your social data, pretty much any data you need. Automating your non-human communication will save huge sums of both money and time for your business and make sure that you are continually moving in the right direction.


Automation is key to your lifetime value and repeat business increasing strategy being extremely successful.