Are you looking to hire a business development manager?

Avalanche has worked with over 200 business in 8 different countries. Many of these businesses hire in business development professionals and lose money, time and energy in trying to make them work. We developed a package that delivers the results element of your hire, without the time required for training, ramp up, testing and everything else. Our question to you is:

What are you trying to achieve with your new hire and do you want those results now?

If your answer to the above is around growth, more sales, more leads and you do want them now, our business development manager service is a perfect fit for your organisation. Results now in a flexible, culture and industry adaptive way.

What is the service? 

Josh Bardsley has run marketing positions and owned businesses since University. Growing multiple holdings to a total staff of 60 and combined turnovers of over £5M per annum. Our focus in all investments, clients and our own businesses has been from a marketing and business development perspective. Josh and the team have supported one man teams through publicly listed organisations, as well as owned 4 different companies at different times creating a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our business development service combines Josh’s strategy and deliver work whilst being supported by 4 marketing delivery team members. Josh will be hands on and the point of contact, running the marketing and key strategies to make sure that all targets and goals are achieved. 

The price of this package includes the same and more of what you would receive from an employed BDM, minus the time wasted. Through clear testing and measuring we are able to deliver at least the same results for less cost and less time.

Problems you face when hiring a Business Development or Marketing Management role

    1. Proof of skill

When hiring a new staff member to deliver key sales KPIs, be it as a marketing person or business development/sales manager, there are risks at play with when and if you will get results. Many companies hire these positions due to a current hole in either growth speed, loss of another member of staff or another reason. There is often little pro-activity in place and precious working capital is used on ‘hope’.

Avalanche’s business development services offer a 30 day notice period in the first year, return on investment guarantees and our delivery and strategy work will start immediately. We aim to have our full year paid for in incremental profit within 3 months.

    2. Cost

The cost of an employee is like an iceberg. There is the salary, then your PAYE contributions, NEST contributions, sickness and employment law. This minefield means there is a lot of pressure on your relatively entry level skilled business development person to deliver as well as on you.

The cost of our business development service will generally deliver around 5 strategies at a time, including meetings and calls, as well as reporting. Our fixed cost comes with no other hidden burdens, no employment law and comes with a 30 day notice period and return on investment guarantee.

    3. Risk of re-hiring

If an employee doesn’t work out, they have to be let go. You then have to rehire and start the training process again. This is time consuming and costly, all while no results are being generated. Josh & Avalanche are already trained, will independently research the industry and work without the need for supervision beyond what you require to feel confident and focused elsewhere on important owner related matters.

    4. Time to deliver results

With any employee, even in our business, there is a ramp up time from when someone starts as an employee. The ramp up time costs money and there is a lot of hand holding needed. By using Avalanche you are accessing a world class team worth a very large salary if it was employed, meaning you get to receive these strong, fast and independent results quickly. We understand business and will do the research required ourselves, meaning you don’t need to create more work for yourself in making a new hire.


  • + 12.5% Government Contributions
  • + Pension Contributions
  • + Employment Law & Employee Protections
  • Generally Low Experience In Non-content Roles
  • Training Likely Required
  • Unlikely To Have Full Plan Delivery Capabilities
  • Time Investment By Manager Required

Avalanche SME (Coaches/Consultant Pricing is lower)

  • Fixed Fee
  • 30 Day Notice Period
  • Marketing Plan Developed & Managed
  • Up to 5 Marketing Strategies Delivered At Once
  • Guaranteed Return On Investment Over The Year
  • Experienced support in website development, ad development, paid social, telemarketing, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, CRM Automation & more

Some of the strategies we include in our marketing plans


LinkedIn Lead Generation

Paid Social Media Ads 

Google Ads 

Mail outs/Newsletters

Email Marketing 

Website Design 


Directory Listings

Events/Event Management

Influencer Marketing

Graphic Design

You need detail

We cannot fit everything about this role and our service into a page like this, without it looking like an essay and triggering every no no in the SEO handbook. We would like to discuss the detail with you and put together a company specific proposal around what we would like to do with the business development role. You need detail to feel comfortable and we want to give it to you.

Simply fill out the form to the right and we will be in touch to book a walk through of our work and case studies.

Please note, we do have a limited capacity so company’s planning marketing and sales initiatives for 2022 need to apply now.