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Our team at Avalanche have been working on a new recruitment package to bolster our LinkedIn lead generation packages. We took a simple, targeted approach to recruiting that other recruiters fail to provide. As we own our own businesses, we are hiring constantly and we understand that the best talent are probably already in jobs. By using Sales Navigator to search specifically for your ideal recruit, our team will build lists, message and book conversations with potential new employees. The hires we make through this process are always a lot stronger than general applicants.

Take in question our most recent hire for a mortgage brokerage firm here in the UK. The client signed up for our single hire package and paid £195 + VAT over 6 months. They completed their strong hire within about 2 months of consistent calls and interviewing. This person joined the team already coming from a strong background and leaving another firm, enabling there to be a smaller window for build-up.

This client gave us a 5 star review for the service, will deliver a massive return on investment and is planning to use Avalanche for 4 more hires in the next 12 months.

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