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3 Chat Bot Reviews For Your Company Interacting Online

3 Chat Bot Reviews For Your Company Interacting Online

3 Chatbot Reviews For Your Company Interacting Online


Why Human Interaction via Chatbots Enhances Your Customer Experience


Ultimately what every website really needs is to form a strong connection with the visitors. Today, organisations spend billions of pounds driving traffic to their websites and stores, with an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide purchased goods online yet are often leaving customer needs unmet. Seeing a rapid growth in daily online activity requires the support to capture these potential sales LIVE as they arise and are integrating with your website.


It is possible – thanks to live chat. It is an emerging communication channel which helps to engage users, generate leads, and provide a great customer experience. Is there anything better to make somebody feel welcome and comfortable than having a friendly chat?


How Will It Bring Value To Your Customer Experience and Company


So, offering a chat box service will bring value and help both your customers and your company grow…


Yes, customers like them a lot. Why?


Not only does it improve efficiency but also makes businesses more accessible, personalised, and responsive to customers personal one-on-one needs. Offering Live Customer Engagement provides the closest experience to in-person service.


So, It’s a win-win solution for both sides, as chatbots help you with conversion and increase your overall customer experience. The Top 3 Live Engagement Platforms For Your Business


Of course, it takes a little bit more than slapping widgets all over your website to get results. To give you a better idea of how Live Chats/Bots can generate valuable leads by enhancing the experience on your site, here are three platforms you can try out for yourself.


#1 Tidio


Key Features:

  • FREE Live Text Chat
  • Email Integration / Messenger Integration and many other applications
  • Exports visitors data
  • iOS & Android
  • Ultimate Tracking – Shows you how clients move through your website and interact before they even start typing
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Quick Responses & Quick Set-up
  • Customise bespoke widget look

Tidio live chat simplifies communication overall, as it seamlessly connects with a wide variety of third-party apps collecting leads out of hours 24/7, even when you’re offline. As well as Integrates with the consumers history to provide even better customer service as it recognises customers’ query and acts based on it.


Tidio helps us to connect directly with our site visitors and support them immediately with their needs. The reason we love Tideo is because it’s additional features work super well with our applications in-house. It prepares us for the way our conversation goes with potential clients based on how it gathers data at it’s best! Along with with the support of the staff ensuring we are using the application to its best ability.


#2 Vee24




Key Features:

  • Text Chat / Voice Chat / Video Chat
  • Co-browsing & screen sharing
  • Support across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Easy to Implement
  • Feature to guide and present any type of content to the customer whether it’s video, slides, PDF or web pages. You can also offer customers a helping hand through check-out and enrolment processes with co-form filling.

Vee24 unifies the full breadth of live engagement capabilities—text chat, voice chat, video chat, co-browsing & screen sharing—into a single platform experience, while providing support across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


The reason we rate Vee24 is because it really is the all singing all dancing Live engagement Platform out there. Does exactly what is says on the tin and very simple to implement. They are committed to your success and their team will work with you to train your agents, employ best practices, and will continue to work with you to evaluate reports and to further optimise performance and results.


#3 Website Alive


Key Features

  • Customisable Chat Windows/ Bespoke Widgets and Links
  • Customise call-to-action to suit your website’s look and feel.
  • Proactive Popups, Triggers & Automated Messages
  • Agents can easily access knowledge-base during chats or answering emails.
  • Email Management
  • Report Management

This Chat live product enables any company to engage directly with visitors to their site worldwide! Detecting which language to use automatically, improving the overall personalised visitor experience. It is an excellent feature that helps you connect with the end user of products around the world


Will you be using Live chats in 2020?


If you’re not yet using a chat live application on your website to generate leads and to reduce negative actions like bounce rates, cart abandonments and form quits, then now is a good time to test them out on your company.


By focusing on these specific user actions, rather than simply waiting for leads. You can actually enhance the user experience and provide the incentive people need to continue engaging with your brand. The real beauty of chatbots and live chat widgets is they’re 100% automated.


Of course, it takes a little bit more than slapping widgets all over your website to get results, you need to have a strategy in place to pinpoint those moments where bots can be most useful to the user and determine which program suits you best.


So, once you’ve set them up with a plan in place, the technology will keep bringing in the leads, no matter how much traffic you throw at them.