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“The theme is always up to date with the changes of wordpress, following everything that’s happening.”

George Anderson

Avada’s CEO

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    Am I obligated to sign a contract if I do a free trial with Avalanche?2020-09-19T15:17:08+01:00

    Avalanche’s trials are just that, meaning you are not obligated to work with us post this trial, only if our team are able to hit our test targets and you are happy to do so. This goes both ways, our team are bound to a rolling 6 month return on investment guarantee, therefore we need to be sure our campaigns will work in your industry.

    How does my graphic design free trial work?2020-09-19T15:23:55+01:00

    We will provide a free trial design piece for all clients that are thinking about joining us on our unlimited graphic design package. You must have brand information and the content ready, as well as examples of designs that you have seen and liked.

    How does Avalanche’s 6 month guarantee work?2020-09-19T15:29:08+01:00

    For all LinkedIn clients, we offer a 6 month return on investment guarantee, which means if you have not covered your campaign costs via new business generated, we will work for free until you achieve this.

    Do I have a dedicated account manager?2020-09-21T14:54:49+01:00

    Yes, of course! You will be given a direct communication link for each separate campaign. We also have a state of the art support system online available to use, with a fast turn around time.