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Marketing Systemisation

Like your website structure, marketing also has 2 major goals: 1. Grow the business and 2. Be able to showcase that the franchise will grow and is likely to be a success. Checking off these elements will create a strategy with significant return on investment who’s improvement compounds as time progresses.


A typical marketing system will look like the below:


  • Create a replicate-able marketing plan and system that provides clear financial reporting to the franchisor. The marketing plan will include 5-10 strategies the franchisee can implement.
  • Create consistent brand and advertising guidelines on a franchise and franchisee level
  • Create cost effective data capture processes in line with GDPR laws
  • Create CRM and email marketing system including all email templates
  • Develop landing pages and offer pages 


All assets will be stored in a central, accessible environment and training will be provided. The franchisee is also entitled to unlimited support with regards to the system.


Website Structure & Systemisation

Your website design and structure has 2 major goals for franchisors:


1. Showcase the business as a successful operation, ranking highly amongst its competitors 

2. Showcase to the potential franchisee that they will be provided the right image and set up for success in their franchise.


Our sites are all set up as major data-capture and marketing points, therefore, showcase growth potential also.


Avalanche will develop your central site and analyse how your franchisee structure should be built. Whether this is a separate site for each location or a landing page ‘location locator’ system, Avalanche will make sure the correct element is chosen for you. Alongside this, unlimited changes to the site and marketing ideas can be developed leaving you open to innovate.


Our site model is a low monthly cost to the franchisor with this increasing incrementally per franchisee that joins the company, funded directly by the franchisee or the marketing fund.

Third Step

Technology Systemisation

Setting up your technology at an early stage can save you hundreds of thousands of pounds in the long run. Avalanche will provide a technology audit to make sure your systems are set up correctly for growth to your target levels.


Technologies we have consolidated and trained on in the past have been:


  • Email Systems (Gsuite, office 365, Ionos and more)
  • Phone & Communications systems
  • CRM Systems
  • Calendar Systems and integrations
  • Booking systems


Avalanche will take a look at any technology and understand with that technologies development team the extent of how well they are able to integrate.


The Goal

1. Business Growth – As your business is systemised and marketing strategies are tested, your business will inevitably grow and gain strength.


2. Better Franchise Offering – Showcasing the franchisee’s ability to create a working marketing machine for their business will enable a much easier sell and better overall brand.


3. Cost Saving – Save tens if not hundreds of thousands in the long run by systemising your technology during your foundation period.

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