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Franchise Marketing Systemisation 


Avalanche Enterprise franchise marketing systemisation is totally free of charge to the franchise, Avalanche makes its return via chargeing small management fees to franchisees. This has been built to be a ‘no brainer’ for franchises and enables them to have an exceptional foundation built without huge investment. 


Every single one of our clients who have enrolled in this system have seen dramatic improvements in their franchisees ability to market, the companies digital presence and image as well as general business growth. 

Brand Guidelines


We will re-develop your brand guidelines and make sure that they are franchise ready, showcasing the different designs available for franchisees to use and explaining the process they need to follow when having collateral designed. We will provide a drop box for all collateral as well as an ordering and approval process for designs.

Marketing Guidelines


We will develop an extensive guideline and support document, walking your franchisees through their website, Google MyBusiness, marketing plan and all of the technologies you provide to them such as their email, CRM systems and more. Alongside this, a full support and resources guideline is included.

Google MyBusiness


We will set up your business as a multi-location on Google and manage each of your franchisees listings to be inline with Googles requirements. This will enable you to build a compounding effect in Google as each new location enhances your trust with the worlds largest search engine. We will train your franchisees on how to organise their listing, post to it, reply to reviews and check their insights. Once set up, they will be able to recieve calls, messages and direction requests, all linked to their CRM and Website.

CRM System


We will conntect your sites forms to a prospect management system. This will work alongside your companies operational  CRM system and keep your customers and prospects seperate. We will build instant auto-responders and notification systems to enhance your customers experience and make sure no leads are ever missed.

This will either be central or a seperate system will be provided to each franchisee, depending on the type of business.

Marketing Plan


A comprehensive marketing plan template will be custom built and provided to each of your franchisees and ready for new franchisees when they start. This will include key information, strategies and tools for them to be able to measure their success. It will also be connected to the three 3 key elements we manage, your website, Google MyBusiness and CRM system. 

Calls To Action




On each of your franchisees location website pages OR their own franchise website, we will make sure that people are able to call, email and fill out call to action forms to communicate with them. The forms will be linked to the franchisees CRM system and an autoresponder email will be placed on them as well as a notification and reminder system for your franchisee. 





Your franchisees will be able to email whenever they wish. This is unlimited and can be anything from guides to their system or to discuss ideas around marketing. Our goal is to remove you as the busy franchisor from needing to worry about your franchisee marketing. 

Other Marketing Technology


Avalanche will be on hand to analyse new marketing and technology ideas you have for your company. We will be available to consult on new projects and organise efficiencies for your business. An example would be the use of our printers where by we remove you and systemise the collateral design and delivery process so that it is inline with the central brand. 

Fill out the from below and we will be in touch you within 24 hours.