Complicated, Carefully Executed Law Firm Marketing

Avalanche work in complicated environments, with firms from small sizes to large scale attorney driven marketing. With any firm, the right language, brand protection and legal protection is key therefore we will build campaigns to drive consistency and results in every specialty your firm offers.

We boost our clients to get more sales


Avalanche has worked in complicated and delicate environments since inception. As a law firm, all attorneys and departments need lead flow. Local marketing can do the trick as well as an array of referrals however many growing companies want to invest into each attorneys presence and outreach. Avalanche will manage each attorneys online persona and conduct engagement strategies with prospects, in a way that enhances the image for the firm. The whole firm will be reported as one as well as individually.

Guaranteed Results

Avalanche offers a 12 month guarantee to all clients to bring peace of mind and focus to the investment in campaigns. We also guarantee that we will never used un-approved language and follow our 2-factor approval process for messaging.

Our North American Plan

Our objective is to be working with a successful firm in every state of the United States by the end of 2023. We believe in maintaining competitiveness for our clients and therefore will only work with one per state. 


The knowledge that your marketing team is managing only you in your target state will bring stronger partnership between us when navigating how best to manage the large prospect base at hand. This enables us to have focus and dedicated team members knowledgable about the relevant law and maximise success. 

The same rules will apply to our Canadian clients and their dedicated target markets. 

Managing Law Firm Marketing, Gently & Successfully



We are a staple service and we are your partner. Treat us like your employee. Our work happens every day to make sure you are always reaching out to new prospects. This is a service you can rely on.



Persona Management will make sure each of your client-facing attorneys has their digital persona managed effectively. Each attorney can expect to bring in 20-30 valuable database additions each month, creating front-of-mind prospect management opportunities for the firm.



We will reach out to hundreds, if not thousands of prospects a month for you, every month. This consistency and team effort behind the success of your campaign creates massive long term success.



Via weekly reports and accountability calls, our team will not only measure our work but yours. Your team will be there as a push to you, kind of like an acting CMO to make sure that we are constantly improving.



Our experience and knowledge, coupled with systems we have nurtured, allow us to work for our clients for many years. The efforts and results compound into a likely outcome of 50%+ of your revenue coming from these important stategies.

You need detail

We cannot fit everything about this role and our service into a page like this, without it looking like an essay and triggering every no no in the SEO handbook. We would like to discuss the detail with you and put together a company specific proposal around what we would like to do with this role. You need detail to feel comfortable and we want to give it to you.

Simply fill out the form to the right and we will be in touch to book a walk through of our work and case studies.

We equip marketing leaders

Security Questions

We know how important security is to law firms and handing over the reigns of LinkedIn accounts of your attorneys can be an anxious request for firms to accept. We understand this and all accounts have secure login systems that make sure no one outside of our organization beyond your account team can access them. There is also a 2-factor authentication process we undergo with you at the beginning and usage can be tracked by your security teams. You will be notified of any location or team changes that may flag issues. We have managed accounts for over 1000 individuals in 7 years and not once have we incurred a security breach or brand-damaging issue.

“Avalanche helped me and my team understand the changes taking place on the social platforms and how to focus on audience growth. This company are definitely one to watch in the social space.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Forbes #1 Ranked Executive Coach Globally, WSJ #1 Executive Coach, Inc #1 Executive Coach