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Local Business Marketing

Avalanche are specialists in helping local businesses reach their target markets cost effectivley and consistently generate lead after lead.


Our teams have spend thousands of hours gaining certifications and training on platforms such as Google, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram amongst others. Combine this with real world business experience growing small businesses across the UK, we have an exceptional ability to drive leads for local businesses very consistently.

Why Choose Avalanche?

Avalanche was founded in 2014 when social media marketing was in its infancy. Over the last 5 years, the team at Avalanche have worked on digital marketing campaigns across 8 different countries, in 40 different industries with over 200 clients. Success in digital marketing has led to preferred partnerships with some of the worlds largest and best franchsies, which are in their own right a large set of local businesses. From this experience, Avalanche have been able to derive a replicate-able marketing system for small businesses that drives big results without the big spend. 


Alongside this, Avalanche is an active investor in 3 locally focused businesses. This was done to learn, practice our preaching and ofcourse, make money. 

Our education & authority

Education is key at Avalanche. Each member of our team is working through a course or certification at all times. Thanks to our partners at Google & Facebook, they constantly keep us on our toes by updating certifications that they require in order to keep our badge status. For those non-certified platforms like WordPress, Adobe, Leadformly and more, we have over 500 hours of courses at our finger tips to keep everyone of our teams on the ball.


We are:


Waze Ads Certified

Youtube Growth Certified

Google Adwords Certified

Google Analytics Certified

Google MyBusiness Certified

ActiveCampaign Expert Certified

Many more – For a full list or to discuss any with us, do get in touch.

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What Is Local Business Marketing?

Local business marketing is the art of managing your local search engine ranking, social ranking and utilising these platforms to generate as many new customer opportunities as possible. 


Avalanche believe that digital marketing should be used as a tool to move traffic to your location however only caters for about 25% of the campaigns success. Getting the traffic is the simple part, the experience you provide to your potential customers when they arrive is 75% of the work.


In order to generate leads for local businesses, we use the following:


  1. Social & Google Advertising of a special offer
  2. Strategic Search Engine Optimisation (Developing local pages on your site)
  3. Google MyBusiness Optimisation and Management


We have a system that, on average, generates an average lead cost of £5-7 depending on the industry, with some as low as £2.


How many times would you spend £5, £7 or £2 for the opportunity to gain a new repeat business customer?


Check out the listing of our business Serena Grant on the left. This business has gone from just 400 hits per month to now averaging over 4500 engagements per month on Google. We also generate around 50 leads per month for around £200 worth of advertising spend.

Now that you’ve learnt more about us, we would love to help you achieve your goals.


We do not charge ANY fixed management fees for campaigns, only a percentage of your advertising budget.


All results are guaranteed.

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