Low cost, reliable, recruitment.

You heard it! Low cost, reliable recruitment! Our team are experts in LinkedIn and have cultivated a faster, more direct and targeted approach for recruitment that has an extremely high success rate and generally costs around 1/3 of what others charge for recruitment.

Fixed price, paid monthly

We know recruitment can be expensive, we hire people almost monthly in our own businesses. Avalanche has been at the forefront of LinkedIn usage for businesses for 8 years. Our knowledge of the platform led us to create a slightly different approach to recruitment that works and can be guaranteed.

Instead of lots of ads, a ton of applications, what if you could handpick the exact individuals you want? Our method picks people currently in roles, meaning they are strong and picked based on a varied amount of targeted criteria.

Avalanche charges roughly 1/3 the average recruitment cost and delivers results quickly. At a base cost of £1170 + VAT per recruit, with payments spread over 6 months, we provide a highly cost-effective way to drive growth for your team.

1 Position

  • £1170 + VAT position price over 6 months
  • Position fill guarantee
  • Weekly reporting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Avg position filled in 3 months or less

+ 1 position

  • 1050 + VAT position price over 6 months
  • Position fill guarantee
  • Weekly reporting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Avg position filled in 3 months or less

Our pricing model allows us to be highly competitive, fill positions and allow you to grow. If you need positions filling faster and would like the bulk of the work occurring now, we can reduce our payments to 3 months. 

How it works

Our recruitment work is simple, here are the following steps:

  1. Onboarding call with our delivery manager to discuss the target profile
  2. Campaign dashboards and reporting is set up around your target profiles
  3. Our team gets to work reaching out and booking calls directly with your target profile
  4. You take the calls and interview the candidates
  5. Position is filled

Simple! Easy and effective, highly reliable and the ability to hand pick top talent from your industry.

“Avalanche filled our position with precision, swiftness and at the best price, we have ever dealt with. Highly Recommend” – Joshua Molton, W2W Decorating

“We struggled with indeed.com, total jobs, and the other sites. Lots of applicants, a lot of wasted time. Avalanche’s work enabled us to the detail clearly who we wanted, the background they were from, and who they worked for. They delivered and we will be using them time and time again” – Jacob Neal, Elements Kitchens

“We didn’t think recruiting using Linkedin would be effective for our industry, we were wrong! We paid over £3000 for our last position and Avalanche cost us only £1200 or so, plus it was done in only 2 months. Highly recommend!” – Serena Grant

“Can’t recommend Avalanche enough. Great service, amazing prices and will definitely use again!” – Callum Clark

“I’ve been working with Avalanche for years and am super pleased with the results they generate. Great team, great people, and highly recommended!” – Eric Partaker