Influencer and distribution for consumer focused businesses.

Inbound & Influencer Marketing

As you will see below, Avalanche are experience at delivering product placement into celebrity lives. Loving and actually using your products is the real key to success for any influence driven campaign.

Based on your product and budget, our team will find the best route to market and for maximum exposure.

1st Placement Free of Charge

Some Brands We Have Worked With

Lifestyle usage of your products will drive massive success.

Our campaigns work either on a per placement model, meaning you pay nothing until the placement is agreed with the influencer.

A standing subscription and set amount of time per month with our team. This includes unlimited number of placements and is purely based on time. Further time can be added.

Our campaigns are 100% guaranteed if you are running a specific offer, capturing data or we agree a reach target. Guarantees are reviewed 6 monthly.

How does it work? 

    • We agree to supply and install lifestyle items into an influencers home/life. The influencer pays a nominal fee of £9.99 to ensure this is a purchase and not gifted.
    • In return for the supplying of this product, the influencer will use your product in their every day lives.
    • We measure the results based on the target measurement criteria
    • The influencer uses and loves your product. The more they love it, the more they shout about it!
1st Placement Free of Charge

Let Data & Experience Do The Talking

By supplying and installing your products into the every day lives of the influential, Avalanche will make sure they deliver a huge return for your investment in their happiness.

Over 50M views

Our content has been seen over 50M times at current and its growing daily.

Over £1M In Confirmed Revenue

Brands that work with us have received over £1m in confirmed revenue in 2019 & 2020 so far.

Featured in various national magazines

From Hello! to Great British Brands, we will continue to push our clients into national magazines.

Dramatically Increase Your Reach

Expect traffic and reach from many sources, especially if things are shared and picked up by the media. We will make sure that you have all you need from our bank of experience to capitalise on the traffic.


The oldest trick…

Product placement is the oldest trick in the marketing book. It’s been done for decades, even centuries. We aren’t trying to hard sell anything, just have influential people love your product.

“We made a large investment installing a kitchen at low cost with a high profile celebrity. We have since tripled our following on Instagram and have over £150,000 in quotes outstanding, with our original investment re-couped inside just a few months. Great idea and great execution.”

Paul Dobson

Barbury Kitchens