Influencer and distribution for consumer focused businesses.

Inbound Lead Generation & Management

Avalanche is an expert at inbound lead generation for direct-to-consumer campaigns as well as lead management, which is the art of managing your leads after they initially get in touch with you. Our teams are well versed in software such as Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Leadformly, Zapier, Microsoft CRMs, and more.

Our initial consultation takes an in-depth look at the problem you are facing and a plan is developed from there. We can aid you in the delivery of the plan or if the problem is acute, solve the problem within the allotted time provided during the consultation phase.

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Some Brands We Have Worked With

Lifestyle usage of your products will drive massive success.

Our team will develop ad strategies, landing pages, and automated responders/notification systems for your sales team to make sure you manage your funnel properly.

Our work is low cost compared to competitors. For the initial consultation fee of £395, you will receive 5 hours of our expertise. With this initial time, we can look at your whole marketing plan and discuss key strategies and goals, or we can look to solve a problem such as email automation or a single strategy. We will work as hard as we can during this allotted time and our clients say this is always money extremely well spent.

Our experience, unlike many other agencies, is real world. We are major shareholders in 4 completely different businesses to our marketing agency. Our team are well versed in solving real-world problems and understands the make-up of real small businesses. This enables us to give you an extremely transparent view of your business.

How does working with Avalanche work?

    • Generally, our clients come to us with a goal. To better understand this goal our fee is usually around £395 + VAT as an initial consultation or just over $500. This enables our team to focus on understanding your goals and building a plan of how we would do it if we owned your business.
    • With the initial time from our consultation, our clients either get their problem solved (technical around a CRM or some creative) or we build them a plan that will solve the problem. These could be lead flow challenges, not sure what is working, overspending, not doing anything at all and many more.
    • We will ask for more time if we need it to solve an acute problem but often as part of the plan, Avalanche will look to be key delivery partners for what has been planned.
1st Placement Free of Charge

Let Data & Experience Do The Talking

Our clients have worked with us for many years and see our expertise as a key part of their marketing, sales and overall business models. We work for results and understand them more due to the businesses that we own.

Over 100M views

Our content has been seen over 100M times at current and its growing daily.

100% client satisfaction

100% of our clients have been happy with our strategies in 2021 so far, we look forward to keeping this going.

Exceptional Value For Money

Our clients say we are money ‘Extremely well spent’ and we believe that too.


One of our key services is advertising strategy and delivery online. We have massive experience building and delivering far-reaching and highly successful ad campaigns focused on lead generation. We are not experts in e-commerce advertising, we focus on people and their data.


Email Automation & Marketing

We are partners with a company called ActiveCampaign and are also well versed in Hubspot. Our team here specializes in lead management and understanding how to better generate data from your leads. When someone signs up for a download or consultation on your site, how many times are you touching them? Are they emailed regularly? This can all be fixed and automated with a few hours of focused work.

“We made a large investment installing a kitchen at low cost with a high profile celebrity. We have since tripled our following on Instagram and have over £150,000 in quotes outstanding, with our original investment re-couped inside just a few months. Great idea and great execution.”

Paul Dobson

Barbury Kitchens