Award Winning B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Our team will take over your company’s digital persona and begin using tried and tested marketing tactics to deliver consistent conversations with the people that will help drive your business forward.

Avalanche have developed a way, using their expertise of platforms such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to deliver a high volume and highly consistent number of conversations for businesses in any industry.

We always start with a free trial, then your campaign will begin under a 6 month ROI guarantee.

Some Brands We Work With

We Connect You With The People Who Will Drive You Forward

We offer a free first month to all new clients, meaning you won’t start paying until the results come pouring in! Our gift to help you focus!

We define return on investment as clear new business from our work. This includes the lifetime value of repeat business customers and how we manage your existing customers. Cash is king in marketing.

All Avalanche campaigns come with a clear 6 month guarantee. If you have not covered at least your costs by the 6 month mark, we work for free until you do.

Base Camp

  • First month free
  • A minimum of 5 booked conversations per month
  • Daily account management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Weekly Reporting
  • 6 month ROI guarantee


  • First month `free
  • A minimum of 10 booked conversations per month
  • 2X Daily account management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Weekly Reporting
  • 6 month ROI guarantee


  • As many conversations as you need to hit revenue targets.
  • All Summit features
  • 6 month ROI guarantee

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Let Data & Experience Do The Talking

We have numbers and a lot of experience working in many industries, this gives us the confidence to invest in all of our clients with our guarantees and free trials.

10 Countries

From the USA to South Africa, all the way to Australia. In German, English, Russian and more!

Over 40 Industries

Whilst we predominantly focus on the construction, home and consultancy industries, we have helped people in over 40 different ones.


Our team have worked with boards of £100M+ organisations, global franchises as well as local businesses. We have the knowledge and experience to help anyone in our focused sectors.

Weekly Data Reports & Conversion Tracking

Marketing is maths, it is a form of buying customers. In order to market well, we need to know exactly how much a customer costs and its lifetime value. We provide weekly updated reports on all of these.


Avalanche Vs

We like to compare ourselves to other leading services in our sectors. For our construction clients, they are often spending thousands per year on self managed platforms like Glenigan or Houzz. We offer a fully managed service that competes on price and delivers a much higher return.

Sales Chart


Average Return On Investment


Avalanche Client Year 1 Tender Record


LinkedIn Connections

“I’ve worked with Avalanche for 9 months and across this time they have consistently delivered. We have had a flow of leads through their LinkedIn marketing service that has provided us with a significant return on investment, securing over 10x return on cash invested. Despite the pandemic, we have still hit our monthly lead target and continued to win business.”

Joshua Molton

Wall2Wall Decorating Ltd