Social Analysis
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Social Analysis

Social Analysis

Behaviour, Detail and Deployment.

Social Analysis is the way Avalanche understands your business and understands the right platform/strategy for your business. Each and every one of our Unified Social clients will receive an extensive social analysis that can then be moulded into a bespoke marketing plan.

Breaking down the social analysis looks like this:

1. Target Market

We will explore your various target markets and the various channels to reach them.

2. Behavioural

Probably the most important aspect of the social analysis, each target market will have a slightly different behaviour to the other and it is our job to understand this. By nailing the behaviour of the target market we can gather their interests and build super targeted advertisements.

3. Competitor Research

A great way to understand how to build a successful campaign is to look at your competitors and your indirect competitors (Businesses that have the same target market but different product) and analyse what the best are doing. By doing this we can cut out a large part of the testing and measuring period and create superhuman ads that combine the best of everything we can find.

4. Social Analysis

Once we have an extensive target market, behaviour and product understanding we can conduct a spend analysis and look at the estimated reach expected to be achieved by each ad of your campaign and how much you will need to invest. We will not yet be able to tell you the exact success of your advertisements but will be able to tell you how many people we expect to see them.

After the social analysis is finished, Avalanche will spend time with your marketing team and build a unification plan that can be implemented across your businesses marketing and plan where the budget should be spent and when.

Unified Social

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