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Socia Media

About Socia Media

Our campaigns are built from the statement ‘The more of your target market you speak to, the more successful you will be.” – We are able to develop a consistent flow of new business opportunities via social media across the platforms that work best in your industry. Avalanche is the UK preferred marketing for the best mid-sized franchise and we guarantee return on investment.

Why Choose Us

1. Each client is given complimentary access to our communications product, Eiger, therefore enabling you to be in constant contact with your account team via instant message, video and phone, for free.

2. Avalanche is the UK preferred marketing partner for the UK’s number 1 mid-sized franchise, we have a proven track record and have generated thousands of leads for clients.

3. We’re long term, we don’t believe in instant gratification. Our campaigns are built to get better with time and never stop growing.

4. Our results are guaranteed.


Base Camp is introductory level package. Whilst introductory, it is extremely powerful and is built around Key Performance Indicators set by you and your account team. Typical leads generated per month from this package are around 8-10.

On top of 8-10 leads, you will also receive 2 blogs per month

We consistently deliver 30 minute sessions every single day, the compounded effect from this level of work enables us to guarantee return on your investment within 12 months.


Our intermediate package, Summit, is designed for those businesses preparing to break into places they have never been before. It is built with our secret ingredient, consistency and supercharged with brand equity focused content and relationship building strategies.

You will receive 7, 30 minute, sessions Monday – Friday and 1 blog each week. You will also receive £150 design credit per quarter with our web team to build a landing page of your choice.

Typical leads generated per month at this level are 12-14.


Fully managed social media campaign with focus on up to 4 social media platforms. Campaigns will be led by a single platform campaign with multiple other strategies occurring parallel to this. For example a campaign focused on LinkedIn but using multiple platforms to drive engagement and activity to this. Each strategy will be independent and operated accordingly but will support each other to build a comprehensive strategy.

Content curations will be sent to you for approval twice per week. This means between 8 and 10 blogs will be posted each month.

Leads generated per month on this package level differ per industry. We aim to build a multiple platform strategy that delivers a consistent flow of business and brand equity building opportunities.