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What is Raise Your Hand Marketing? The book is due out in the fall of 2022 written by Joshua Bardsley and Bradley J Sugars and Avalanche is being built as the agency to deliver the theory set out in the book. Raise Your Hand marketing is the method of asking prospects to identify themselves by creating a need that is wanted right now. Traditional marketing strategies remain the same, our offer and our copy however will change to be more ‘now’ focused. By doing this, we can ensure that every strategy provides you with more conversations than you will ever need.

Our complicated campaign with various locations was handled by Avalanche perfectly and consistently. 35 clients signed so far!

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Stop trying to get married on the first date!

Would you ever go on a first date and ask for marriage? Likely not. So why do businesses constantly do this when dealing with prospects. Nearly all businesses we come across ask for the sale or they ask for proposals far too early. By taking a step back and focusing solely on the first date, an initial conversation, which can be generated by providing a solution to an imminent problem or need, then we can ensure huge conversation flow. Your job becomes managing relationships, not stressing over which strategy works and which doesn’t.

Target, Offer & Copy – Finding your prospects NEED

We are not here to develop new magic pill marketing strategies that will deliver easy leads. Buying lifetime customers takes work, this takes relationships and this is the mindset we would like to instil in you and your team. Your focus when trying to solve marketing problems should lie initially in your target, which defines who exactly you want to build relationships with.  Once this is clearly defined, creating an offer that solves a problem NOW will allow you to get hands raised. This is an art and needs time spent on it. Your offer solving a need will likely be something free to your prospect, think about something that will bring them benefit and will likely be free to them. By doing this and solving the problem, your prospect will raise their hand for your offer and in return, you will have the opportunity to engage in conversation. The larger the offer, the stronger your conversation potential.

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“Avalanche helped me and my team understand the changes taking place on the social platforms and how to focus on audience growth. This company are definitely one to watch in the social space.”

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